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Career Opportunities


Business Development Manager

 A business development manager will find ways to grow Snap Scene business from both a marketing and sales standpoint. Focus on developing relationships with other businesses to increase revenue and potential for growth.


Sales Manager

A Sales Manager focuses on generating new leads and bringing in money for Snap Scene. Plan, execute and oversee sales and promotional activities effectively.



A publicist is responsible for ensuring that Snap Scene is always portrayed positively in the public eye. Responsible for scheduling events, creating buzz, speaking engagements, interviews and public appearances with the relevant personnel.


Content Creator

The content creator must possess the ability to update existing material, generate new works, and identify new ways to reach consumers by creating visually appealing and engaging material.


Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager works to cultivate a social media following and promote the brand. You will utilize posts, comments and replies to engage with Snap Scene's audience. Monitor online posts that mention Snap Scene and share positive testimonials with our current following to strengthen customer relationships.

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