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We got the keys, the keys, the keys!

On April 11, 2022 we signed our lease and received the keys for Snap Scene's brick and mortar location. Snap Scene will be at 75 Atlantic Ave in Lynbrook NY. Found Iya felt this is the perfect location to carry out Snap Scene's vision.

We worked with the amazing Jessica Hollenstien to secure the location. There were some bumpy roads but with her guidance, we were able to obtain what was needed and would like to thank Jessica for all her hard work.

What's to come? We still have quite a bit of work to do, a lot of red tape to cut through. Bringing the property up to code and ensuring it's ADA compliant has proven timely and expensive. Nevertheless, we are holding true to our pledge of accessibility. We are currently seeking out architects to draft up the plans needed to obtain our permit to begin construction. If you would like to support us in our mission, feel free to visit our support page for the many ways you can lend Snap Scene a much needed helping hand.

Speaking of hands, we are looking for a few good people. We're looking for artists to design the booths, workshop instructors, content creators, social media managers and more. Interested? Contact Us!

Snap Scene's Founder holding newly obtained keys.
Location secured!

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