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23 NYC Students Discover Entrepreneurship at Snap Scene

Snap Scene's Founder Iya Thomas speaking at an Entrepreneurship Workshop

Last week, 23 New York City students visited Snap Scene Selfie and Content Studio to learn about entrepreneurship. The students, who’s backgrounds were as diverse as the city, were given a tour of Snap Scene and met with Snap Scene’s founder, Iya Thomas.

The students learned about the different aspects of running a business, from marketing and sales to business plans and customer service. They also had the opportunity to brainstorm their own business ideas and get feedback from Snap Scene’s founder as well as their peers.

The students were very enthusiastic about the experience and stated that they learned a lot about entrepreneurship and seeing the final product, makes them believe they can do it as well. They also stated that they were inspired Snap Scene’s founder and her commitment to helping others start their own businesses.

We hope that the students will take what they learned at Snap Scene and use it to start their own successful businesses in the future.

Thank you to all of the students who participated in the workshop!

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