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Our work in the Intellectual Disabilities field continues.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

In March we released our quarterly ID/DD calendar and our hearts melted with the reception of our offerings. We worked with two different agencies providing workshops and photo services.

We held our St. Patty's Day workshop. Individuals made edible rainbows with pots of gold which consisted of Rainbow Twizzlers, marshmallows and chocolate coins. The individuals then took photos with their finished product in front of their desired backgrounds. We also hosted a group that was interested in the many different backgrounds, too several photos and even opted for the instant print cameras.

Some of the features they enjoyed were free staff entry and private entry for non ambulatory vans. I you are a Social Service agency and are interested in our facility and/or workshops, feel free to contact us. If you know of a Social Service agency or anyone who would enjoy what Snap Scene offers, please pass on our information.

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