Inclusion doesn't stop at interactive experiences, neither should the fun!

At Snap Scene, creativity is our passion. Frustrated by the limitations of most experiential exhibition spaces and the lack of variety, Iya Thomas was dead set on carving out a creative space for people to enjoy.  Snap Scene is the first experiential exhibition space that is truly accessible and reflective of the times. Patrons are provided with visuals they can identify with and relate to regardless of race, size, age or ability

At Snap Scene we do things a bit differently. Our customer-directed approach allows patrons to capture their own moments. DIY not really your thing? We understand. You can also hire professional help and/or sign up for one of our amazing workshops. 

Who is Snap Scene for? Snap Scene is perfect for the children's birthday celebrations, digital content creators, influencers, the girl gang looking for a cool place gather before or after brunch and even the Business Manager that wants to add some pizzazz to their next team building event. Aiming for a July 1st 2021 opening date, we look forward to having you.


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You Can Help Launch a Business

Snap Scene is aiming for a July 1 2021 launch date. With encouragement from the community, we are crowd funding. With that said, who wants to give something and not get anything in return? Acknowledging that giving is a two way street, we've developed donating tiers. Below, you will be able to obtain the item listed based on the amount of your donation. Did we also mention that once we open, we will support a different social cause every fiscal quarter? Every penny counts. If you would like to donate but not in the amount(s) listed click here​. You will be taken to Snap Scene's crowd funding platform.