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“Accessibility allows us to tap into everyone’s potential.”
– Debra Ruh

While some places focus on inclusion and others focus on exclusivity, Snap Scene allows you to choose. Below are our current access forward offerings for differently abled individuals.  Workshops on this calendar can altered, switched and customized to suit your program and individual needs.  

To book, call 917-209-8775 or email

You or Your Organization Interested?

Call or contact us to discuss accommodation scheduling and pricing. 917.209.8775 or Feel free to place "accommodation scheduling" in the subject line.

We can do more!


Paint & Sips

We offer the widely popular Paint and Sip experience but tailored to me the needs of the individuals. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are served at this workshop. With perks like no admission fees for staff and CPR certified Snap Scene staff, this is an experience many have come to love.


Photo Workshops

Whether you have an eye for the perfect photo or you're looking to develop one, this workshop is for you! Understanding that not everyone has a camera or smart phone, we have accessibility friendly options such as polaroid instant print and single use cameras. 


Selfie Studio Admission

Whether you're looking to enjoy our selfie studio exclusively, or you would like to do so with the general public but need a little bit of assistance, you're in the right place. We offer both options! Exclusive days and times for differently abled individuals and few extra hands on duty when you need them. 

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