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Nobody likes to be told no but sometimes we need to hear it.

Here’s why we say no to one and two-hour bookings.

1️⃣- The work begins way before the event. Graphics are created, props are secured, and the booth is loaded into the transport vehicle. It also takes time after the event to breakdown and reload.

2️⃣- All of the above are transported to your event which of course takes fuel and time. The appropriate software and sound for your event is applied.

3️⃣- Your guests need enough time to have the amazing Snap Scene experience people know and love. Last thing you want is a rush to the booth because people are expecting it to close shortly. This rush can also take time from other significant moments. Be honest, do you really want people selecting props while trying to sing happy birthday? Neither do we!

For all these reasons, we have a three-hour minimum when booking. Get booked today.

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